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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

i might not make it for dinner on friday because my flight got cancelled and now i'm only returning in the evening on the 3rd. will try though!

but in the meantime, the plan so far (according to what i know has been decided on Facebook) is meet at Plaza Sing Pizza Hut at 6pm. correct me if i am wrong!


Saturday, July 07, 2007

02A53 Reunion
Friday, August 3, 2007 at 6:00pm
(somewhere in the central area &
possibly pizza)

Monday, May 14, 2007


I cleared my desk today and look what I found!

Yar I know, I know... how come there are things from 2003 on my desk?
I guess I don't use the desk that much huh... haha...

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

hello people!

i finally managed to get onto Blogger! anyway, i've created a group on Facebook called VJC 02A53 so please join!

and yes, we should have a gathering in Aug to celebrate the fact that i'll be back and jobless... :)


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

somehow or rather i think i have this uncanny habit of starting/doing something at the wrong time...one example i always remember is starting the whole Friendster thing...just before A LEVELS!...and u know who got me into that? that crazysheepgal angela...and u know wats the irony? i dun have her in my friends list anymore...wait wait its not tt i delete her la...i think she deleted her account...

exams start in less than 7 days and see what im doing....although i said i wont blog...here i am...(though i din say anything abt not blogging here...so still can right...heehee)...been going to school to study for the past 2 days...and today happened to see Norman and Cheryl and we all sat down to study together...then Jeannie joined us slightly later...hmm not bad la...im more and more convinced that studying cannot be done alone anymore...at least for me la...must start such study group thingys early next sem...yeah...next sem...always say tt...

so what got me here...hmmm think it started w the pics posted by ave and nirwan...hehe i really like em la...i seem so smiley also...looking at all the pics...i couldnt stop smiling/laughing/grinning...anyway a fren called me narcissistic for putting up a pic as display pic on msn...which is my primary pic on friendster now...hmm maybe i am? wateva la...anyway tt got me uploading some pics...

then...i dunno...somehow i then decided to run a search for my name on google...(narcissistic eh?) not bad discovered 2-3 blogs of some other ppl...some not active anymore though...but more importantly...google came up with lotta results from this blog...and that got me started reading quite a bit of the older posts...well there are over 1400...so i was mostly reading posts by and refering to me and stuff...

yeah i know...what the hell am i doing spending so much time on tt now...but oh well...just start couldnt stop...very interesting la...this blog was used alot back then...all the posts etc so funny also...ranting...whining...complaining...hmm i realised i really used the blog quite a bit like my own hehe...oh and everytime i stopped blogging for a while someone would notice and even say "maybe cooking up another long post"...like wth...lol...

also realised i refered to myself soooooo many times as the slacker...dunno la...like maybe become self-fulfilling prophecy...or somehow like curse liddat...suffering now...ah...but all over within...13 DAYS! hehe

had a great time on sat la...hope to have many more such outings in May and beyond...we will...

good luck to all who had, are having and are soon gonna have their exams...(those who finish dun tell me too late...they still marking, my luck still can help...hehe) of cos must wish for me also la hor

P.S. amy, when, (probably never but anyway), when you're not too busy presidenting the smu ambassadors, maybe can put up more Laughs of our Lives? :D

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ok, if I post at an FTN speed, then that makes me Faster Than Myself right? Haha.. Anyway, I've uploaded my photos too. Bah. Stop complaining already, this is a record speed for me :P Clicky clicky.

Photos from today's dinner/coffee session have been uploaded at a FTN* speed at this page.


*Faster Than Nirwan.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

actually this is agt my current self-imposed restrain on blogging...but oh well...(beats chest ala Randy)...its for the cause....for the class....

so its been decided that we meet THIS SATURDAY, 6.30 PM at PIZZA HUT, PLAZA SINGAPURA...pls do join us...its been awhile...erm ya...

think i will mass sms everyone...whose no. i have...in the meantime whoever sees this or receives my sms pls sms-reply me....regardless of whether u posted or tagged tt u are coming, pls sms me and say whether u are coming or not....oh by fri afternoon too if possible...asap la...then i can book...(as soon as i figure how to...hmmm)...

so see u all on sat...i know exam time and all...but hey its the same for everyone...its the one little break/outing before the long haul...


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Hello! Jeannie cannot make it on 15 Apr. 14 Apr dinner okay? Pizza like the good ol' days!


Friday, March 23, 2007

yay i've been slacking for 2 weeks! watched pursuit of happyness and music & lyrics and went shopping! hahaha

ok that was just to make you'll jealous (maybe)

ahhhh you'll always meet just before the smu exams! we end on 14 apr (yes we have exams on saturday! how disgusting is that??!! or do you'll have them too? heh)... how bout 15 apr, sunday instead?


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